Thursday, November 7, 2013

Short Weight Workouts

Well I kinda suck.  I can't believe it's been three months since I posted.

Below are three short weight workouts.  They are just weights, no cardio.  I have designed the workouts into a standard three day split.  If you wanted to shorten the workouts even more you could split them up and work one body part per day.  Try  to hit each body part every week.  I have listed three excellent abdominal exercises at the bottom and you can choose one to throw into each of the below workouts.  I have also included photos of the best exercise for a each body part. Those exercises recruit the most muscle fibers.

Chest and Back

Incline dumbbell chest press 4X8-10
Flat bench dumbbell flys 4X15
Hanging row *best back exercise you can do* 4X10-15

Pulldowns 4X8-10

Biceps and Triceps

EZ bar curls 3X12-15
Incline bicep curls *best bicep exercise you can do* 4X8-10

Tricep rope pulldown 4X10-12
Single side overhead tricep extension *best tricep exercise you can do* 3X8-10/s

Legs and shoulders

Step ups 3X10s
Wide squats *drop to a 90 degree angle or lower* 5X15
Machine shoulder press or dumbbell shoulder press slow count (up 2, down 2) 3X10
Lateral raise with a 30% lean *best shoulder exercise you can do* 5X10

Abdominal exercises

BOSU sit ups 5X10 - this is one of the best ab exercises you can do but it can bother your back which is why I have split it up into sets of only 10 repetitions.  Perform exactly as pictured below, do not come up any further then perpendicular to the floor.  Back should be centered over the BOSU's bullseye.

Sit ups with legs over bench 3X20

Jackknife 4X15

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Workout Of The Week August 13, 2013

Jeez, it's been forever since I posted.  That's what happens when your four kids are home for the summer.



Let's do one more outside workout before we roll into Fall.

As per usual find a park or recreation area that has benches or maybe a short wall.  Also kind of map out an area to run/sprint.  Photos are shown with weights but I doubt you want to run to the park holding a set of 15 pound dumbbells so bodyweight will work just fine.  The whole point of an outdoor workout is to be convenient and free of equipment.

Your warm up can be the run to the park but if you have to drive to the park then once you get there you can do the following to warm up: 25 jacks, 25 squat thrust with NO HOP, 25 air squats, 25 very tiny squat hops, jog in place.  You could repeat all that or call it good and move on.

On the wall or bench:
Reverse lunge step knee lift X15 on each side (see below)
Push ups X15 (can put hands on bench or on ground)
Repeat both two more times.

Run ten 50-100 meter sprints, jogging back to the start to recover between each one.

Back to bench:
Crossover step up X15 on each side (see below)
Tricep dips X15
Repeat both two more times.

Repeat sprints

Back to bench:
Side squat knee lift X15 on each side
Seated kick outs for abs X15
(see below for both)
Repeat both two more times.

Repeat sprints

Cool down by jogging home or jogging around the park.

I know you won't but please (please?) try to stretch a little.  Especially your hamstrings and lower back.  I'd appreciate it.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Workout Of The Week June 24th, 2013




This weeks workout is simple and you need very little equipment.

You will need a couple sets of dumbbells and a stability ball, although you can do it without a ball too.

Warm up with walking lunges, air squats and jumping jacks for about five minutes.

With dumbbells perform 20 of each of the following exercises (plank row will be ten on each side but alternate right and left):

Curl and press
DB squat thrust
Alt plank row
Squat Arnold press
Tricep kickback

On ball:
Chest press
Stretch abs

Repeat two more times through. If you page back through my posts you can find photos for all these exercises.  Have fun!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Workout Of The Week


June 11th, 2013

It's time to post a body weight workout that you can do outside in a park. You will need to find a park bench or a picnic table, your going to do a lot of leg work:)

Warm up by jogging to the park or you can do jacks and push ups once you get there.

After your warm up go to your bench and perform 20 step ups on each leg.  Next stand on top of the bench and perform glute dips - this is the exercise where you stand on top the bench and pretend to dip your toe in the water (the 'water' being the ground).  Perform 20 step ups on each side and then 20 glute dips on each side - thats one set.  Then jog around the park or in place for 2-3 minutes.  Repeat the entire sequence four times through. 

Staying at the bench, perform 20 push up (with hands on the bench).  Turn around and perform 20 dips.  Rest and repeat three more times.

 Find a patch of grass and perform 20 squat thrusts followed by 30 split jumps (also know and scissor jump) and then 40 flying jacks (also known as power jacks and star jacks). Rest and repeat three more times.

  Hands behind your head in for the above exercise.

Lean down and touch the sides of your foot and then hop up.

Return to the bench and stand facing away.  Put your hands on your head with your feet very close together.  Lower yourself slowly until your butt brushes the top of the bench (try not to sit down) and then hop up for a total of 20.  Step away from the bench and put one foot on the bench behind you.  Perform 20 dynamic bulgarian squats on each leg - single leg squat reaching down and touching the ground on each side of your foot and then jumping up.  Rest and repeat three more times.

 See if you can find a straight path or walk out on to the side walk.  Pick two landmarks and sprint as fast as you can from one to the other and then jog back.  Repeat for a total of ten times.

 Return to the bench.  Sit down and perform kick outs for abs - four sets of 20.  A kick out is when you take your feet off the ground and pull both knees in to your chest.  Then you kick both legs out as you lean back slightly, feet do not return to the ground until you have completed all the repetitions.  Hands are on the bench behind you for support.

Stretch and go home.......or go home and stretch.  Either way.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Workout Of The Week

I haven't posted a workout in a long time and I have had a couple requests so here we go:

You will need a treadmill, or you can run outside, and a couple sets of dumbbells.

Warm up

Squat with Arnold shoulder press - bring elbows down to your knees with dumbbells facing you.  As you stand up rotate the dumbbells away from you.  Repeat for 4 sets of 15

The above should be done standing (of course, because you have to squat first).  Elbows to your knees when you squat and as you come up perform the above shoulder press with rotation.

Run for 5 mins at an uncomfortable pace - also know as race pace or threshold.  It should feel like an 8
on a scale of 1-10.  Not full out but close.  This is the hardest intensity to find so it may take a few times to figure out your pace.  As long as it feels hard, but not completely breathless, your where you need to be.  If your running outside you can easily mark off a distance that will take around 5 minutes to run.

Skier - hold the dumbbells by your side swing them up towards your shoulders and hop as you do that.  Then swing the arms back.  Essentially you are doing a bicep curl the a tricep extension but you are swinging up and back.  Think of a cross country skier using their poles.  Repeat for 4 sets of 15

Part A of Skier

 Part B of Skier

Repeat 5 minute run.

Hip hinge with upright row - stand on one leg and perform a single leg deadlift.  As you come up bring your knee up and perform an upright row.  Try not to set the foot down as you lean forward and then lift the knee.  Repeat for 4 sets of 10 reps on each side.

Part A of hip hinge upright row

 Part B

Repeat 5 minute run.

Push ups - 4 sets of 15-20

Repeat 5 minute run.

Full sit ups with a twist at the top - at the top of the sit up take the elbow across to the opposite knee.  4 sets of 20 total (10 twists to each side alternating).

Easy jog for 5-10 minutes.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Knowlege is power...

 Oh my god.  This time around is SO much harder then the last time.  New competition date is June 22nd and it is going slowly.  Ounce by ounce and a lot more tired.  Not sure what's going on but it's been super frustrating.  I bought an Escali  Scale that measures weight, fat and body water. Bio-impedance measuring is just one of the many ways to test body fat and there is a margin for error of 2% either side of the reading but you can do it at home and the cost is very low compared to other methods.  You should use it at the same time every day, which your probably already doing if you are monitoring your weight (obviously essential when prepping for a contest).  It measures hydration as well so if you use it every morning your hydration would pretty much be the same every day.  Testing in the evening would be a little tougher because hydration levels are more likely to change on a regular basis.  Really the main reason to use a scale with bio-impedance capabilities is that it gives you another way to monitor and, as the title of this post says, knowledge is power.  The more you know the better you can plan your competition prep.

The other thing I bought is an Orbi Tape.  It is a measuring tape that lets you measure yourself.  I don't know why but I think this is the coolest thing ever.  It makes it so you don't have to fumble to get a good reading on your own body.  Ready  more about it at the link above.  It's super cheap too.

People ask me about supplements all the time too.  I use straight forward whey protein that mixes easily.  I do not like to spend a lot of money on anything so I don't want all the wonder stuff that some companies add.  It should have a high protein/low carb count per serving.  I also take calcium, vitamin D, fish oil, flax seed capsules and a muti vitamin but I have to confess that I am not very good about taking them every day.

Simple rules to follow whether your preparing for a competition or not.  Protein, veggies and monitor, monitor, monitor in every way you can - weight, body fat and measuring.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One Week Behind

As the title of this post says I am a week behind so the Emerald Cup is out.  I might be able to catch up but it's too much of a risk, especially for a show that big.  Also deadline to register is tomorrow and I don't want to lose my 100 bucks.

If I lose weight any faster I will sacrifice muscle.  That's what I did last time and I swore not to do it again.  I am on track again meaning I've got my stress under control. My daughter has been released to return to gymnastics so her recovery is moving right along.  There are a couple shows coming up that I could enter as well.  One is the Oregon Ironman on May 18th which is plenty of time.  The only trouble is that it is in Lincoln City, Oregon.  A beautiful town on the Oregon coast but a 5+ hour drive from Seattle.  The next one close to Seattle is June 22nd which is better then next fall but will also be a serious balancing act since it's too soon to relax my competition prep but too far to go hard.  Deadline to register for the Oregon Ironman is May 18th so I have a couple of weeks to decide.  It may make a good little family vacation.

The other thing is I have a photo session coming up on May 24th.  I need new physique shots for my website and marketing purposes.  The Oregon Ironman would be perfectly timed for that but again, it's quite a drive just to compete.

So I'll continue as if I am going to do the Ironman because of the photo shoot.  I still have time to think about what I am going to do as far as actually competing.

Here's my nutrition count for one day.  This is a lower calorie day for me.  I usually hover around 1,500.

6 ounces tuna
Lite mayo
Red bell pepper

8 ounces ground beef
Mixed greens
.5 red bell pepper
Oil and vinegar

.5 cups almonds